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QuoteSearcher will help you choose the right taxi driver insurance policy for you at a competitive price without the hard sell. Complete their simple one-page form below to receive a range of quotes from their specialist taxi insurance partners.

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As a taxi driver, you know all about taxi insurance. Getting the right quote is the first step to making your business profitable and your taxi insurance policy is a big cost of your business. If you are searching for taxi insurance and not driving, you are not earning.  QuoteSearcher offers a helpful, straight to the point service that can help you get most suitable taxi insurance policy. QuoteSearcher taxi driver insurance will help you choose the right policy for you at a competitive price without the hard sell.

If you drive a taxi you are going to need insurance, whether it’s a private hire vehicle like a minicab or public hire car such as a Hackney carriage. Standard car insurance won’t cover you, even if it includes cover for business use.

Our taxi insurance partner Quotesearcher is a helpful, straight to the point service that can make searching for your taxi insurance policy a whole lot easier so instead you can concentrate on driving your taxi and giving your taxi customers the best possible service. QuoteSearcher will do all the leg work for you, helping you to find you the right price and cover.

You may also need public liability insurance for your taxi. This comes as standard on many taxi insurance policies, but do check the policy specifics to make sure.

You can still build a no claims bonus with your taxi insurance. Taxi insurance companies will often offer cheaper polices to safer drivers with a clean driving history.

As with all car insurance and taxi insurance policies, when you apply for a quote will be asked if you’ve made an motoring insurance claims, if you have any driving convictions, if you have criminal record and if you have any medical conditions. Giving false answers may mean you are not insured so always answer truthfully.

The Latest Taxi Insurance Discount Kit

It is also worth considering fitting the latest technology as some insurance companies may even offer a discount for this.

*Based on an internal Quotesearcher audit, 70% of consumers saved up to 35% on their current premium after receiving a quote from QuoteSearchers partners. Your own savings are dependent on your own individual circumstances.