Temporary Car Insurance

Comprehensive, temporary short-term car insurance for friends and family.

  • Cover from 1 hour to 30 days
  • Get a quote in under 2 mins
  • Instant cover
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    From learners wanting to practice in their parents’ car, or friends looking to share the driving for a weekend, Veygo offers quick and affordable temporary car insurance.

    What is temporary car insurance for?

    If you’re not a named driver on an insurance policy you can now drive that car instantly, with a short term car insurance policy and the owner’s permission. A temporary policy gives you your own insurance policy to drive that car for a time period from 1 hour to 30 days.

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    What can I use Temporary Car Insurance for?

    • Insurance for sharing the driving: You’re heading off for a weekend away with a friend. It’s a long journey so it would be nice to share the driving. The best way to do this? Temporary car insurance.
    • Test drive insurance: You’ve seen a car for sale and would love to test drive it yourself, but because it’s a private sale you aren’t insured.  One day car insurance is what you need here!
    • Drive away insurance: You buy a car from a car supermarket, auction or private sale. One day car insurance will get you home legally, letting you investigate the best long term insurance options at leisure.
    • Temporary van insurance: You’re moving house and can manage the move yourself, but it would  save you a couple of trips if you could use your friend’s van to move all your stuff. One day insurance is the perfect way to cover you for this.
    • Emergency car insurance: Your car won’t start and you have an important appointment to get to later on the same day. Your friend is happy to lend you their car, so one day car insurance is a perfect solution.