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    Whilst we’re all being encouraged to ‘go green’, and cycle rather than drive, sadly cycle theft is still very common, with a huge number of bicycles being stolen every single year. With many bikes costing £1,000 or more while the most high-end bikes can cost upwards of £10,000.

    As more new bicycles are bought each year than ever before, the number of thefts is rising, and since many bikes today represent a considerable investment, it makes sense to take out bicycle insurance in order to protect that investment, and your facility for getting about. In many cases people’s bicycles are their main means for getting to work, and having their bicycle stolen or damaged could represent a real problem, without the backup of a good bicycle insurance policy.

    What do I need bicycle Insurance for?

    Bicycle stolen in city centre

    • One of the most obvious reasons for taking out bicycle insurance is to protect against bike theft – more than 250,000 bicycles are stolen in the UK each year.
    • One of the other very significant benefits of having cover is that it offers protection if you cause an injury, accident or damage to someone else or their property using your bike. This third party liability can prove valuable, and since bicycle insurance starts from as little as £50 a year, protecting against theft, damage and third party liability represents real value for money.

    It’s important to be aware of the fact that some home contents insurance policies either include bicycles as standard, or provide such cover as an optional extra from as little as £10. However, whilst this may be a better option in a few cases, it’s well worth checking to see whether a home insurance policy will cover the bikes once they’re off the property, and it’s most unlikely that third party liability will be included. Overall, whilst it’s important to be aware of the opportunity of having bikes covered by a home insurance policy, a standalone bicycle insurance policy offers much more comprehensive protection.