Temporary Car Insurance for Learner Drivers

  • Cover from 2 hours to 90 days
  • Get a quote in under two minutes
  • Instant cover
  • Protect the owner’s No Claims Bonus
Learner driver with mother in car

Collingwood Insurance gives the learner the chance to get the private practice they need by having a dedicated learner driver insurance policy in their own name and no risk to the owner’s insurance. Initial policy 28 days up to 24 weeks.  Top up from just 7 days.

Learner driver with L plates in carCar insurance for learner drivers is often prohibitively expensive with some insurance companies simply refusing to insure learner drivers on their own polices. Prices to be a named learner driver on a family member’s car insurance policy can also be through the roof.

It is often cheapest to take out short term cover for weekends, one week or a month at a time to top up your professional driving lessons and get lots of practice in. Temporary car insurance for learners lets you pick the time period that suits you best.

How Does Short Term Car Insurance For Learner Drivers Work?

Short term car insurance works by giving you, the driver, your very own temporary car insurance policy on a specified vehicle with the owner’s permission. As you’re not a named driver on the existing insurance policy, in the unfortunate situation that you need to make a claim, the claim will be on your short term policy not the existing policy, keeping the car owner’s no claims incident free.

As you’d expect, the policy is fully comprehensive. You can quickly and easily buy a policy online and be covered immediately for a period of time from as little as 2 hours right up to as much as 90 days.