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    Professional CleanerCleaner Insurance FAQs

    What is professional cleaner insurance?

    As a self-employed professional cleaner or owner of a cleaning business, cleaner insurance can protect you and your customers against breakages, loss of customers’ keys and financial loss suffered by customers fore example theft of goods by your employees.

    Does Cleaner insurance cover private houses or commercial buildings?

    Yes, both are covered.

    Do I really need professional cleaner insurance?

    It is your business and decision. However, accidents and mishaps do happen and having a comprehensive insurance policy in place shows professionalism and is a reassurance for your customers. If you are a sub-contract cleaner it would be worth checking with the business who gives you the contract to see if they already cover you.

    Public Liability insurance for cleaners

    Public liability insurance covers the legal and compensation costs you could be liable for if someone makes a claim against your business. Even if you are not at fault, the costs of defending yourself in court can still mount up if you don’t have insurance in place.

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