Cars boarding Eurotunnel train

Cars boarding the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle train.

Eurotunnel (Le Shuttle)

Folkestone, UK to Calais, France

With just a 35 minute journey time and up to 4 departures an hour, Eurotunnel is a fast and reliable way to cross the English Channel between Folkestone and Calais.

Tickets are priced from only £50 per vehicle each way – as well as being quick, it’s affordable too!

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle is a great way to cross the English Channel between the UK and France.

With a journey time of just 35 minutes, it beats the ferry by an hour, and the loading and unloading process is much faster too!

After leaving the motorway, pass through the ticket check booths and on to passport and customs checks for both countries before driving onto the train.

When arriving, you’re then straight off the train, onto the motorway network and on your way!

Car inside Eurotunnel train.Eurotunnel FAQs

Where is the Eurotunnel terminal at Folkestone?

You’ll find the Folkestone Eurotunnel terminal at junction 11A of the M20 motorway. For your Sat Nav, use postcode CT18 8XX. What3Words: soaps.mailers.moon

Where is the Eurotunnel terminal at Calais?

The Calais terminal is at  junction 42B of the A16 motorway. Make sure you follow the signs for Terminal Tourisme. What3Words: hotel.pancakes.eggs

Does the Eurotunnel have a luggage limit?

No. The only luggage limitation is what you can safely fit in your car.

Do you have to stay in your car on the Eurotunnel?

You’re free to sit in your car and relax for the 35 minute journey or get out and stretch your legs on the train.

How soon do you have to check in for the Eurotunnel?

You should arrive and check in at least 1 hour before your scheduled departure time, but no sooner than 4 hours.

Folkestone, UK do Calais, Francja

Od £50 w jedną stronę za dzień albo pojedynczą noc wraz z autem.

4 połączenia, co godzinę, 35 minut podróży – Eurotunel jest szybki i pewny. Wymagane potwierdzenie 30 minut przez odjazdem. Jeśli jeździsz regularnie, to można kupić odpowiednie bilety za £43 na stronie.