Ferries to and from the UK

Folkestone, UK to Calais, France

Euro tunnel crossing time is just 35 minutes, with up to four departures an hour at peak times. Compare all ferries from the UK to France, get the best price with quick & easy booking

Cars in a line waiting to board the ferry.

Newcastle, Harwich & Hull, UK to Amsterdam & Rotterdam, The Netherlands 

A leisurely mini-cruise across the North Sea to The Netherlands. Compare all ferries from UK to The Netherlands, get the best price with quick & easy booking

Car Ferry arriving at Dover UK with the wight cliffs of dover in the background

Dover, UK to Calais or Dunkirk, France

It takes just 90 minutes with frequent sailings by 3 ferry operators. Compare all ferries from Dover to France, get the best price with quick & easy booking

Belfast, UK to Cairnryan, Scotland, UK

No need to leave your pets behind. Compare all ferries from Belfast to Scotland, get the best price with quick & easy booking

Image of wightlink car ferry leaving port

South Coast, UK to Isle of Wight, UK

There is a choice of routes and three operators for crossing The Solent between the south coast of England and the Isle of Wight. Compare all ferries and Hovercraft to the Isle of Wight, get the best price with quick & easy booking


Tanie bilety na promy z Anglii do Polski poprzez trasy w Francji i Holandii

Travel Insurance

Italian ambulance driving along a city street.

Whether you’re soaking up sun in the South of France or skiing in the Alps, unexpected emergencies can quickly dampen the mood.

Maybe your luggage goes walkabout, you miss a crucial travel connection, or get a nasty bout of food poisoning – life has a knack for throwing curveballs.

Now, for UK travellers thinking, “I’ve got my GHIC card, I’ll be fine,” remember it only scratches the surface. It might sort you out for basic health issues in the EU, but what about lost baggage, cancelled trips, major medical issues or getting back home in emergencies?

That’s where travel insurance steps in. Offering a safety net, it ensures those unexpected hitches won’t drain your wallet or your spirits. So, while the GHIC card is handy, it can’t beat the peace of mind from a good travel insurance policy.

Compare quotes from up to 30 travel insurance providers – set out with the right cover and enjoy your journey stress-free!

Breakdown Cover

Woman with broken down car wearing a high vis vest and warning triangle

Taking your car abroad and driving in Europe can be a lot of fun. However, if you break down, your trip can suddenly turn into a nightmare. Without breakdown cover that covers you in Europe, it can be a costly and rather complicated nightmare too!

By taking out an affordable comprehensive policy before you leave, you can be reassured that if the worst did happen, you’ll have the support to get you, your family and your car back to the UK without it costing you a fortune too.

When it comes to policy options, you can buy cover for either a single trip or as annual cover if you plan to take a number trips over to Europe during the year. Compare prices for European breakdown cover