Insurance for Food Delivery Drivers

As a self-employed food delivery driver, your car or bike is your business. Having the right insurance policy for your vehicle at an affordable price is critical.

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    Food Delivery Driver Insurance FAQs

    What insurance do I need to deliver food?

    Whether it’s pizza, curry or restaurant meals you’re delivering, you’ll need more than the standard “social, domestic and pleasure” car insurance policy if you’re being paid to deliver food.

    Personal car insurance policies generally exclude use of the vehicle for “hire and reward” and, if this additional cover is available from your current insurer as an add-on, it’s likely to be expensive. This is why you should shop around for a specialist courier insurance policy.

    You may also want to consider the following too:

    • Goods in transit insurance: You are responsible for the goods that you carry. Including goods in transit insurance as part of your policy will insure you against any kind of loss or damage that could happen while transporting goods.
    • Public liability insurance: This covers you against third-party liability whilst you’re working. You may be able to add this to your courier insurance policy if it’s not included as standard.
    • Breakdown cover: The longer your vehicle is off the road after a breakdown, the longer it is before you’re earning money again.
    • Mobile phone insurance: Those delivering for services like UberEats or Deliveroo will be reliant on the app on their phone. If you’re phone breaks or is lost, it’s likely you’ll want a repair replacement as quickly as possible.

    How much does food delivery insurance cost?

    Food delivery insurance is likely to cost more than your usual personal “social, domestic and pleasure” car insurance policy due to the additional risks associated with a multi-drop driving job. However, by shopping around and using specialist broker services, you should be able to save money.

    How do I get a food delivery insurance certificate?

    Once you buy a policy, you’ll either be sent your Certificate of Insurance in the post or often you’ll be emailed a PDF copy which you can print or file as proof of your insurance.

    Cheaper Food Delivery Insurance Cover

    Pizza delivery driver

    As a self-employed cold or hot food delivery driver, your car or bike is your business and, if you don’t have the right insurance policy, you risk your vehicle being seized by the Police and you may find you’re not covered in the event of a claim.

    Our partners work with some of the leading specialist insurance companies to find you some great quotes at realistic prices. Simply fill in your details on their one-page form and our partners will do all the leg work for you, helping you save you money on your insurance costs.

    As a delivery driver, insurance for your car or bike can be more expensive compared to standard insurance policies. Apart from fuel and the cost of your vehicle, your insurance policy is likely to be one of your biggest business costs and getting a good deal is therefore one of the first steps to making your business profitable. The reason this type of insurance is higher is because delivery drivers are considered a higher risk. As you know your job involves spending a lot of time on the road covering a lot of miles in sometimes difficult and challenging driving conditions, sometimes in risky areas. The best advice is shop around for the right cover at the right price.

    You can’t afford to be without insurance!

    Who Could You Work For?

    A self-employed delivery driver or rider might work for a number of different companies.

    • UberEats – Food delivery service from the people behind ride sharing app Uber
    • Just Eat – Recently launched delivery service for restaurants on the Just Eat network
    • Deliveroo
    • Fast food and takeaway – Whether it’s pizza, curry, chinese or something else, you’ll need to make sure you have the right insurance policy for your car, motorbike, scooter or bicycle.
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    Get a range of competitive food delivery insurance quotes from specialist UK insurers using Quotezone’s quick and simple form.

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