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What insurance do I need for my car valeting or detailing business?

As a car valeter or detailer, you need your own trade insurance to drive customer vehicles that are in your care. This type of motor trade insurance policy is different from a standard car insurance policy and covers a lot more. A motor trader insurance policy is not just linked to the vehicle specified on the insurance document but can cover you to drive your customers’ cars for road tests, delivery and for accidents arising while the vehicle is in your care.

As every trader has different requirements, you can customise your policy to your specific needs. You may want to include road risk cover, public liability cover, cover for your premises and asset cover, or a combined policy for all.

The best advice in searching for motor trade insurance is, as always, to get as many quotes as possible as prices do vary.

We’ve selected some great motor trade insurance partners so all you need to do is fill out one form and can then compare quotes from their select panel of insurers.

Motor Trade Risk Insurance

Motor trade risk insurance is an insurance policy that covers vehicles in a motor trader’s care, custody or control for legally driving on UK roads and damage against third party vehicles. This can be extended to fully comprehensive cover.

Once a customer leaves their car with you, that is the point you need motor trader’s insurance and your own motor trade insurance should then cover the car for use on UK roads. Insurance provides cover for businesses that have a customer’s vehicle in their care, custody or control, plus those involved in vehicle sales

As with most car insurance products there are three types of cover for motor trade risk insurance that meet the legal requirements for driving cars on UK roads. Third party will cover damage to other vehicles, not the driver or trader. However, this can be increased through to fully comprehensive which covers damage to the customer vehicle and driver.

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