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Tesco Van Insurance

Tesco no longer offers van insurance! You might find this surprising, because “Tesco” appears in the names of many websites claiming to offer all kinds of insurances. None is associated with Tesco or Tesco Bank, the genuine financial arm of Tesco – check the small print at the bottom of their pages!
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    What Do I Need To Know About Van Insurance?

    Car accident involving a van and a car

    Van owners need to make sure their vehicle is adequately insured. You can’t buy van insurance from Tesco but our partners can help you find a great quote.

    Can I drive a van on my car insurance?

    No! The risks are completely different and you’d be best to arrange cover through a specialist insurer. Whether you’re buying a van for business, borrowing one for a house move or have a bulky item to move, GBQuotes can help you find the right quote for annual or temporary van insurance.

    Can I drive a van on my car licence?

    Yes! If your licence shows category B, you can drive a van up to 3.5 tonnes – that covers the popular Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter and VW Crafter sized vans. If you need a bigger van, you’ll need to pass a Driver CPC – Certificate of Professional Competence.

    However, if you passed your car driving test before 1st January 1997, your licence may include category C1, which allows you to drive vans up to 7.5 tonnes. Check the categories on your licence to be sure.

    Is van insurance cheaper than car insurance?

    It’s like comparing apples and bananas, Mo Farah and Harry Kane, Tesco and Superdrug – they’re completely different. However, with GBQuotes you can be sure of finding competitive rates for your van insurance.

    Can young drivers get van insurance?

    Van insurance, including temporary van cover, is usually available for drivers aged 19 – 75. Like car insurance however, younger drivers up to 25 may find rates are higher, and a compulsory excess is likely.

    I have points on my licence. Will I get van insurance?

    Probably – but it depends on many variables. How many points, what the offences were, how recent they were and your age. GBQuotes contacts will help you find the best van insurer for your situation.

    Do I need to insure a hired van?

    Like all motor vehicles, hired vans must be insured, but if you hire a van, the chances are that the owner will have arranged suitable cover. However, there’s a legal duty on drivers to ensure that the vehicle is insured, so make sure to ask at the hire office.

    Do I need to insure a borrowed van?

    As noted above, it’s the driver’s duty to ensure the vehicle is insured for his use of it. Most van owners will have cover for their use of the van, but not for others to use it. The van owner could contact his insurers to extend cover to the borrower, or the borrower could arrange temporary van insurance cover.

    When insuring a borrowed van (or any borrowed vehicle!) it would be wise to insure on a comprehensive basis, to cover any accidental damage that you might be responsible for. Third Party is a lot cheaper than comprehensive, but leaves you unprotected if the van is damaged in a collision that is your fault, or where liability is disputed.

    Theft of vans and thefts from vans are a major and growing problem, which has only got worse during lockdown. Check carefully the security requirements of any policy – the insurers will allow no flexibility in the current climate. This applies to any vehicle, but especially to vans – DON’T LEAVE THE KEYS IN THE IGNITION FOR EVEN THE BRIEFEST PERIOD WHILST THE VAN IS UNATTENDED.

    As a side note, you can’t buy temporary insurance from Tesco either!

    Are the contents of the van covered?

    Almost certainly not. Check the cover you’re buying, but you will probably need to separately insure whatever you’re carrying, be it working tools or your worldly goods during a house move.

    The van policy and the load policy will probably both have very specific requirements about theft of or from the van. Tools or other contents are unlikely to be covered overnight in a van unless it is in a locked, enclosed garage or a secure compound.

    Many vans are marked “No tools are left in this vehicle overnight”. That is untrue so often that it won’t deter thieves from checking, if they get an opportunity.