Uber Eats Food Delivery Insurance

As a self-employed Uber Eats food delivery driver, your car or bike is your business. Having the right insurance policy for your vehicle at an affordable price is critical.

  • Specialist insurance partners
  • Great rates for car, bike or van drivers
  • Goods in transit and liability cover

    Uber Eats Driver Wearing Face MaskUber Eats Food Delivery Insurance

    As a self-employed Uber Eats food delivery driver, your car or bike is your business. Having the right insurance policy for your vehicle at an affordable price is critical.

    • Specialist insurance partners
    • Great rates for car, bike or van drivers
    • Goods in transit and liability cover
      Uber Eats Driver Wearing Face Mask

      Uber Eats is one of the fastest growing delivery services and being an Uber Eats driver will bring you in some sweet extra cash as well as being a fun and enjoyable experience. Glassdoor reports that most Uber Eats delivery drivers will earn around £10 an hour.

      Technology has made all our lives easier. With a smartphone in hand you can seemingly summon goods and services magically. But behind each taxi you book or take out you order, there is someone ready to help you. Being a driver for Uber Eats is a good way to earn an extra bit of cash. Whether you are a student, someone in between jobs, someone who wants an additional income or someone who enjoys the freedom of working whenever you want, it is a way to earn more money, to keep your head above water or just have a bit of walking around or beer money.

      Food delivery is one big market that employs a lot of people and is always looking for more. If you walk around any British town or city, you will see drivers kitted out in the livery of Deliveroo, Just Eat or Uber Eats. It’s in the best interest of these companies to make signing up fast and easy. But there are some things which you should consider before making the leap.

      How do I get started as an Uber Eats driver?

      Signing up is simple. You’ll need to make an Uber Eats account on their website, upload some documentation and complete a background check. If you’re going to deliver on a bike. You will need to have some photo ID, a recent bank statement and that’s it, you’re ready to go.

      If you want to whizz around the city in a car or on a moped, delivering more meals faster, and making more money, there’s just one more thing you’ll have to do. You’ll have to provide your driver’s licence, of course, as well as vehicle insurance with food delivery cover.

      What insurance do I need for Uber Eats?

      Female Uber Eats food delivery driver talking on mobile phone

      Uber Eats food delivery driver in her car making deliveries.

      Your regular third-party or comprehensive car insurance is not enough. Most drivers are insured for personal, domestic and pleasure driving. Hire and reward driving, as it’s known in the industry, is not covered. This covers drivers and vehicles when they are being use for commercial activity. And delivering food for Uber Eats is most certainly a commercial activity.

      There are different types of commercial insurance out there. The most basic is class 1 business insurance, sometimes known as class A(1) insurance. This is designed for people working in offices with a company car and covers them for journeys to client sites. That’s not going to cut it here. You will be looking for class C(3) insurance that includes the delivery of goods. This covers you when you use your vehicle to help make money or as part of a business.

      Uber’s definition is that your insurance “Must cover food delivery or hire and reward not excluding food delivery”.

      While this may all sound a little confusing (what happened to B(2) insurance?), it is straightforward to get Uber Eats driver insurance. And it is less expensive than you would expect. You might have to hunt around to get the best quotes, and the insurance prices will differ based on your driving experience, what type of vehicle, car or scooter you’re driving, and various other things. It can be tedious to enter these details into all the different sites that offer coverage. Price comparison or broker sites are a great way to save money and GBQuotes can help you here. They have the added benefit of getting quotes from insurers you might never have heard of too.

      Where can I find a list of approved insurance partners for Uber Eats?

      You won’t find a list of approved insurance partners for Uber Eats. According to Uber “you’re free to choose your insurance provider”.

      The Uber Eats guidelines currently name a few “integrated insurance partners” who can automatically upload your insurance certificate to your Uber account for you, but we’d advise comparing quotes from other insurers as you may find a much better deal elsewhere!

      How much is insurance likely to cost as an Uber Eats driver?

      An average price for this type of insurance is hard to come up with, but it can be as low as £6.81 a month. It depends on a lot of different factors. You should focus on these when you are trying to get the cheapest coverage you can. These are similar to what you do to get a cheaper personal motor insurance quote. But added in to that are things like whereabouts you will be delivering food, what time of day you will mainly be working, what type of car or scooter you have, as well as how long you have been delivering food.

      As food delivery becomes a more and more popular arena for people to work in, there are more insurance providers covering fast food delivery. A quick search online shows hundreds of results. Some are reputable, not trying to catch you out and offer good terms and conditions. Others might be more predatory. Using a reputable price comparison or broker site, all the hard work of looking into these insurers and judging whether they are a good choice has been done for you.

      Flexibility and Freedom with Uber Eats

      The gig economy is here to stay. It is set to grow as people turn more to the internet and smartphones to get their needs and desires met. The COVID-19 crisis has only hastened this transition and you can take advantage of this growing market. The benefits of working with Uber Eats are many. You can earn money at a time when you want, for as long or as short as you want. You set your own schedule.

      It can be a nice little earner too. In the UK, each Uber Eats delivery drivers can make around £10 an hour, but this can increase as Uber sometimes boosts fees during busy periods or offers incentives to drivers when there are not enough of them on the road. You’ll get a fixed amount for a pick-up and drop-off, with the distance covered adding a variable amount to the money you’ll receive. Uber will take a cut of this for providing the service to you.

      If that sounds like something for you, now is a perfect time to get started. Start-up costs are low, especially if you already have a car or scooter. Insurance is the main thing you should focus on, but with all the resources available, it will be straightforward to get sorted.

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